Happy First day of March everyone!  Pretty soon, we’ll be sunning and enjoying the warmth of Spring.

There are upcoming announcements…so stay tuned for more information. Wanna hint? Save the Date for Friday, April 12th, 2013!

3MMBb with Prof. Stephanie Jones (11/6 from 1-2:30 pm)


Tis election day! So go vote and join us as we welcome Prof Stephanie Jones of UGA.

Date: Tuesday, 11/6
Time: 1:00-2:30p
Room: 104B Russell

#3MMBb Info:

Stephanie Jones invites us to explore pedagogical moments in teacher education and to engage in methodology and visual representation of ideas. She is currently transforming a three-year study of feminist pedagogy in teacher education into a graphic book. She is also the author of Girls, social class, and literacy: What teachers can do to make a difference.  #3MMBb

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3MM – Inaugural Brownbag (1-2:30 pm, Thursday, October 25)


Come join us!

When: 1-2:30 pm on Thursday, October 25
Where: 104B Russell Hall, Teachers College, Columbia University

Who & What:
NYU’s Anna Smith will be sharing her exciting research that focuses on how a group of urban adolescent males developed as writers within and outside of school. Co-author (with Richard Andrews) of Developing Writers: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age (Open University Press, 2011).



SIMF 2012 Call for Entries — Leap Year Special!



Are there issues that you are passionate about that you would like to share? Have a socially conscious film or podcast that needs an audience?

Then submit an entry to 3MinuteMedia‘s 3rd Annual Social Issues Media Festival.

So, What’s Social Issue Media? We are referring to digital, multimedia artifacts (e.g., videos, audio podcast, digital story) that call attention to social issues with the intention of evoking social action.

Say More!? We want media that promotes action and awareness of all kinds-from lending your voice to promote an under-represented topics in your immediate context to perspective on larger global issues.

Why? This is an opportunity for us to work collectively as a world community to create awareness, raise questions, and open a dialogue on how we can meaningfully engage with issues facing the local and global contexts in which we participate.

How do you participate? It’s pretty simple:

  • Open to anyone
  • Entries are between 1-3 minutes in length
  • Entries can be submitted on a DVD or a via an URL
  • Entries will be accepted from Dec. 19, 2011-Feb 29, 2012

Check out the submissions guidelines for more information.


Need more inspiration? Visit the winning entries from SIMF 2010 and SIMF 2011.